Authentic Amber Pet Necklaces for your Dog or Cat.
Raw Amber Dog collars and amber cat collars to repel ticks and fleas... naturally...
Natural Tick Protection for your Pets! Dog and Cat Collars, made out of authentic 40 million year old Baltic Amber... all natural, no chemicals... Quality and durability, not to mention how very attractive they are!

What is Amber?
is a fossil that has long been admired and used for its beauty in jewelry and amulets since ancient times. Amber is not a stone, but actually fossilized conifer tree resin millions of years old. Amber is a product of millions of years of heat and pressure. Amber is purely organic, despite it's brilliance and translucence. Throughout history amber has been valued for its healing and therapeutic powers.  Ancient Greeks and Romans believed in the magic powers of amber, it was held that its electrostatic energy had the power to draw all manner of misfortune away from people. Amber is also very popular for its inclusions, or insects and plants trapped inside which give scientists a clue what was here millions of years ago...

Ant Inclusion in Amber

How does Amber work on my Pet?

Amber works on your pet in two ways...  Amber is a resin which contains aromatic properties called terpines. This produces a resinous aroma from the amber.  When worn on your pet their body heat and friction from their fur will cause the amber to release the resinous smell from the amber. These resinous aromatic terpines being released is what repels the ticks and fleas. The second way in which amber works is it has electrostatic properties. Static electricity is generated when Amber is rubbed against the fur which is also a tick and flea deterrent. The longer your pet wears the necklace, the more effective it will be. It usually takes 2 weeks or more of wear to have maximum repelling properties.

Can I just let my dog wear an amber necklace I have, or buy some Amber beads from the bead store?

Amber is most effective when it is raw, and has its natural "skin".  Amber purchased for jewelry or from bead stores has been polished or heat treated to bring out its sparkle, therefore it is not in it's 'raw' stage, which is needed for this application.
It has been proven that RAW Baltic Amber has the highest succinic acid, which is the cause of it's resinous and medicinal properties.  These properties are highest with the raw amber, or amber that still contains the outer "skin". This layer contains most of the succinic acid credited with the medical properties, which help with pain relief, stress, boosts immunity, promotes healing, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Many people have said the amber collars help with arthritis and joint pain. AmberStone Pets uses Raw Baltic Amber in all its merchandise.

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amber pet collars
Why buy from AmberStone Pets?

1. Quality of Amber:

 You can rest assured that AmberStone Pets uses the best quality authentic Baltic amber. My amber comes directly from Lithuania, a trusted source who has been supplying high quality amber for over 7 years.

Some amber I have seen by other sellers string their collars with very low quality amber.  It crumbles and breaks apart easily. The pieces are very small and brittle.

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is quite true, especially with something as precious as amber.

2. Quality of Beading String:

I use stainless nylon coated beading wire. NEW and IMPROVED, is the heavier wire used for larger necklaces. This is strong 45 lb to 90 lb test strength, and will withstand normal wear and also moisture. This will not stretch out in time, as other string found in some competitors models, and will not deteriorate, or rot, as other beading string will after exposed to sun and moisture. The "kits" come with quality bead cord which is also very strong and easy to work with.

It is advised to take off the necklace if your pet will be in extreme conditions, thrashing through heavy brush etc. or playing rough with other dogs. AmberStone Pets cannot take responsibility for lost or broken necklaces in these extreme cases. The amber can also break from time to time, there is no control over this, as amber is not a stone, but an organic fossil.

I cannot be responsible for broken necklaces when used under those circumstances.

3. Made in the USA by a Fellow Pet Lover:

Yes, made in the USA! I know that is unusual in itself, but I handcraft them myself, in my home with care and integrity.
Going on my 8th year of making Amber Pet collars. With much trial and error in the beginning, I believe I have found the way to make the collar not only beautiful, but durable!
Look for the AmberStone Trade Mark, a  Red Crystal on every collar made. The mark of assurance of an original AmberStone Collar.

Want a different color or a more customized necklace? E-mail me your details and I will provide you with a quote. I am also always open for suggestions!

Visit my Store now to order and assure you are doing everything possible to protect your pet!

Paypal is accepted in my store, also money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks. Please allow 10 days for check to clear before order is approved. Use the print and call option on my store's payment page for these check options.

Disclaimer: As no tick repellent either natural or chemical is 100% effective, we suggest you check your dog for ticks regularly. A blood draw with the snap  DX test by your vet is recommended if you suspect your dog has a TBD (tick borne disease).

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
~ Josh Billings

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