Authentic Amber Pet Necklaces for your Dog or Cat.
Raw Amber Dog collars and amber cat collars to repel ticks and fleas... naturally...
Natural tick and flea protection for your pets... pet collars made out of raw Baltic amber helps to deter ticks and fleas, no chemicals, all natural. 

Amber is a fossilized conifer tree resins which contain aromatic properties called terpenes. When worn by your pet their body heat and friction will cause the amber to release these properties, all natural and organic. 

Amber is only effective if raw, unlike most amber that is used in jewelry, raw Baltic amber still has all its natural properties which why only raw amber can be used. 

Trust AmberStone Pets, in business for over 9 years with many happy repeat customers. 

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to order your collars! I also make human necklaces, bracelets and anklets!

amber pet collarsamber pet collars for tick protection
amber pet collars
Big Dog Necklaces below, you can choose your accent bead colors...
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