Raw Baltic amber dog necklace and cat necklaces to repel ticks and fleas!
When I buy things I like to know a little bit about the person selling it. It makes me a bit more  comfortable spending my hard earned money if I know the item is well made and the person/company making it can actually communicate with me.
I offer great customer service as well as an awesome natural product you and your pet can enjoy!

So this page is about me.

I am an avid dog lover, and my life basically revolves around all kinds of "dog stuff".
I am owned by 4 dogs, Jaela, who is  a malinois and also my nationally certified search and rescue dog. Alex, (Alex crossed the bridge in January of this year, he would of been 14 years old) who is a wirehair daschund, and Skeeter and Cricket who are both papillons.

 I am a  search and rescue volunteer which helps locate missing or deceased persons with our specially trained K-9's. I have been training search dogs for 9 years.

 I am also a member of Paphaven Papillon Rescue. We rescue and foster unwanted dogs from many situations and foster them until they are ready to be adopted into a forever home. I have fostered and helped adopt out over 15 dogs! How rewarding!

I discovered the use of Amber necklaces when I joined Tick-L list as two of my own dogs contracted a TBD (tick borne disease) called ehrilichiosis. My son's dog, Sydney, also contracted Lyme disease. Several members on my tick list used amber necklaces successfully to repel ticks with their own dogs.  So with this, I decided to take every approach possible to keep these nasty ticks off my dogs and to help other people with this. At that time people had to order these necklaces from Europe, as this was the only place they made raw amber necklaces specifically for dogs. Being that there was a great interest for a quality necklace made here in the US, (and I love beading)  I decided to start AmberStone Pets.

I researched and conferred with many amber specialist before buying amber for making the necklaces. I also talked with an expert beading tradesmith who gave me ideas on how to make the best durable necklaces for pets.

So here you have it, with my 3 helpers laying at my feet, I custom make your pets necklace in my little office with lots of love and care. It has now been going on 6 years I have been making Amber Pet Collars. I feel I have found the most durable design and offer the best Raw Baltic Amber for you and your pets!

Go ahead, browse my store, you'll find some very attractive raw amber necklaces, as well an AmberStone Kit!   Please feel free to email me with questions or comments!
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