Doggie Pictures!
Wearing amber collars!

Miss V is from Vermont!

Annie from California wearing her Amber Collar!

Annie is at the Mare Island Heritage Preserve Park, Vallejo, CA. This 215 acre parcel formerly served as a US Naval Ammunition Depot founded in 1857. It was off limits to the public, but through the hard work of dedicated people now has areas open to the public & a dog park!
Someday I'd live to visit, so much history!

Sydney wearing the Annie Necklace with Blue Bead Accents.

This is Tami, she is wearing a custom madeĀ AmberStone necklace... isn't she just the cutest??

Love the Rotti in the Brutus!
Wearing the Black Beauty Collar! Looks so good on the Lab & Weimaraner!
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