Hi Terri,
I am soooo impressed with your collars. First all the farm dogs have not broken them yet (wow) and no ticks this fall (marvelous)! But best of all my 11 year old (who had a very bad start and is now living a naturally reared life) is moving like he never has since he's been rescued at 6 months old (relief!) I have heard of the properties for improved movement with amber and helping with joint pain, but this is WAAAAY IMPRESSIVE!
So, with that being said I would like a "collar" for me as well! I am fine with the wooden bead ones my bearded collies wear, as I lead a very active life.
I am moving great these days, but heck who knows, your collar might get me twirling even better!
Thanks in advance,
North Carolina

We live on 10 acres and the ticks seem to be out of control this year, and to possibly help those who are going through the same “challenges”, we wanted to share our experiences with the Amber Stone collar.  Lola was our "test" subject and has been wearing the collar for 6 weeks now. All the others have been receiving their monthly doses of Natural Defense topical tick deterrent. Conclusion...this collar works! We have found ticks on Sera, Brolin, Berry, Faye and Mick. And ME. But Lola has remained tick-free to date. We are completely sold and just placed an order for the other dogs as well as anklets for me and my husband. I typically don't buy into this stuff, but no ticks is a pretty good indication that it really does work. Not to mention the added benefit of amber’s other healing properties.

Diane Pastor Benson
Saugatuck, MI


Testimonials by real people who have purchased amber dog collars and amber cat collars.

This is Blaser from Cambridge, MA. This is what his owner Frances says about Blaser's Amber Collar.

"Blaser looks like royalty in the Brutus Necklace. Since he started wearing it he gets tons of compliments and it seems to make a real difference in the battle of the ticks in Cambridge this summer."

 This is Daisy and Ginger. Their mom Pam from Encinatis, CA writes this:
The collars really work. No ticks after using them and the dogs look great in their collars. What a wonderful natural alternative to the topical chemical treatments.  Jan.2011

CONTACT me via email for questions or help.






 Below is Koji, and what his mom Nancy from out East writes:

 Koji, A Golden Doodle wears his necklace all the time.  I love having a holistic alternative to chemical flea repellent.  People comment on the necklace and  design and tell me how beautiful he looks in it.

  December 2010




August 2012 from LEAH

Her name is Beannacht - pronounced "ban nockt"
everyone loves her jewelry and best of all, practically no ticks!!!!! I am so happy to not be relegated to putting poison on her; I only wish I knew about amber years ago!!


I just want to say your collar is wonderful. I bought this for my keeshond  (kobi).  He seems to get seizures from conventional tick products.  Found your website and must say this product is awesome. We live on cape cod and there are alot of ticks. Its been about 4 months and maybe 2 ticks on him. Beautiful collar and really works.

Thank you

Donna Roche

P.S. He does wear the collar around his neck but I just wanted to show it off for the picture!

July 2011

Dear Ms Kent,
  Thank you for your raw amber necklace kit.  Here is a picture of my pup with her necklace on.  It's been a blessing.  We live in the woods in northern Minnesota and the ticks have been bad this year. The necklace really seems to help.  And I've gotten many compliments on how attractive it looks.  It broke once but there was enough string on the card to restring it.
  Best wishes in your business.

October 2015

Maggie and Ace- Matching Amber Necklaces!

Thank you so much! I am loving our necklaces! Finally got a picture of Ace and I wearing them.
The quality of the amber compared to all the other ones I have seen is outstanding. We have received lots of compliments.
Maggie & Ace

From Jamie in Vermont

"Attached is a picture of my Kenya in her necklace-she gets plenty of compliments, and better yet, she has had no fleas & ticks.  Even more amazing is that my two cats, Tyson & Packer are also flea & tick free in their necklaces!  That is amazing!  Especially for Tyson who is my "hunter" and brings me gifts each days.  Last year by this time it was a constant struggle with the ticks.  I am truly impressed and excited.  We tell everyone we meet that has animals."
Best regards,

 From Pirate in Florida

"The necklace is working very well for Pi. Even our holistic vet might be interested in one!"


From Rose in WI

"All my friends bought a necklace for their dog at our campground, as I don't have a dog, I bought one for myself, well I know they say the aromic smell is absorbed by the fur, but I swear it has kept the ticks off from me too. I built a rock garden by our cottage at the edge of the woods and had to clear some brush, and I thought I'd be crawling with the things, low and behold, I didn't find one tick on me. I was just wondering if you've had any similiar experiences with anyone else that bought one for themselves? Maybe I made another discovery for the use of your amber? BTW- I've received many compliments on the necklace, could you send me some business cards?"

From Kathy the Groomer in WI

"I am totally amazed at how well the amber necklace is working for my standard poodle. The first few weeks I found some ticks, but after she had it on for the recommened 3 week period, she has been tick free! I used to check her everynight, and now the worrying is over. I am a groomer and find ticks on the dogs I groom quite frequently, so have been giving out your cards and telling my customers how well the amber necklace has been working, (I also need more of your cards). Thank you so much! I will continue to let people know about amber, it is truly amazing!

From Kelly in MN, May 2012


I have been sending a lot of people your way from MN and surrounding areas thru Facebook etc!! Hope you get a lot of business!
I may order one of the new styles myself!
Keep up the great work!

Kelly in MN
& Siren who LOVES her collar!

Hi there, we just wanted to thank you for the beautiful and functional necklace you made for our dog, Angus. He has been wearing it for a couple of months now and we are happy to say that we have only had to pull a couple of ticks off of him. Usually during the summer, we would be pulling them off of him pretty regularly. Since nothing else has changed in regards to his diet ect. we can only give the credit to his amber necklace. Though we feed him an all raw meat diet supplemented with some other raw foods like eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies in moderation, the holistic, non-toxic method of preventing ticks that you have provided has been one of the greatest contributors to his overall health. Thanks again for providing such an amazing product! Please feel free to post our testimonial and photos on your site.

Sincerely, Eileen & Josh

From Michelle in WI

"I finally got a picture of Rascal in her necklace made from your "KIT", (she is camera shy) Andrew and I added extra beads I had for the girls. Rascal is our ultimate prowler and huntress, now she looks like the "queen" she is!
I will try to get pictures of the others for you.

I've only had one tick on me since wearing the choker you made me, (much better than the 18 in one weekend) and I get alot of compliments on it!

So excited for bracelets, necklaces and anklets made for humans too!

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